Naples 01.19.2012

Formed a regional group to support the LIFE

By Decree of Agriculture Area Region Campania (388 of 17 October 2011) was appointed a working group made ​​up of regional staff directly involved in the project is LIFE and personnel with expertise in the areas of plant pathology, viticulture and olive-growing, animal husbandry, crop trees, herbaceous crops, and forestry and agro-meteorological, in order to help optimize the design tools monothematic character that we expect to achieve within the support system knowledge in a WebGIS and thus contribute to the achievement of project objectives.

The group consists of:

  • Amedeo D'Antonio, as coordinator;
  • Maria Rosaria Ingenito as agro-environmental expertise;
  • Giugliano Marseglia as di web site expertise;
  • Fabrizio Ferrer as di workshops and seminars divulgation event organiser;
  • Sebastiano Cassetta and Vincenzo Iannotta as di public servant in project are;
  • Giuseppe Pesapane expert in plant pathology;
  • Giorgio Franco expert inzootechny;
  • Carlo Sardo expert in viticulture and olive-growing;
  • Antonino Di Gennaro expert in herbaceous crops;
  • Lucia Coletta expert in crop trees and forestry;
  • Edoardo De Luise expert in agrometeorology.