bruxelles, MAY 24-27 2011

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The project SOILCONSWEB was presented at the 11th edition of Green Week held in Brussels on 24 to 27 May 2011. Green Week is the largest annual conference devoted to environmental issues and environmental policy in Europe. This edition was entitled "Resource Efficiency - Using less, living better".

With over 40 sessions, the Conference was mainly dedicated to the problems of environmental resources depletion and scarcity. The event was also an important showcase for public and private companies with different strategies in Europe face the issue of the efficient use of resources.

Green Week is an important opportunity to discuss with experts in environmental issues from different European countries. In the last edition (2010) the conference has hosted more than 3,000 participants including government representatives, industry, non-governmental organizations, the world of research and media.

The project SOILCONSWEB was housed in a stand dedicated to 8 Life-Environment projects, arousing great interest among visitors, especially among those interested in the issues of erosion, land use and soil sealing at a landscape scale.

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