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Building a reliable GIS database 

Action 2.1

Collecting pre-existing primary data
The main purpose of this action is to acquire primary data in the thematic area of Pedology, Geology, Geomorphometry and Agro-meteorology. The primary data form the basis for all subsequent processing activities.

The environmental and physical data collected have been digitalized, checked and stored in the DSS server.
With reference to meteorological data the database comes from the Agro-meteorological service of Regione Campania. It consists of 16 climatic parameters (essential for modelling simulation) derived from 10 years of weather data (from 1998 to 2008)  recorded with 19 meteorological stations distributed over the study area.  The data are checked for potential errors and are now continuously integrated with new data acquisition.

The SOILCONSWEB project also allows the WS-DSS tool to be tested and applied in other areas (extra sites). Here, only the major local type of environmental problem will be addressed.

- Lodi plain
In this area the main environmental problem addressed is the soil sealing and loss of ecological soil functions. We have then integrated the already collected data with data and thematic maps on Land Use and Urbanization rate in Lodi plain (period considered, 1954 - 2007) and developed a "soil sealing tool" already operating;

- Etna
We have a list of environmental data already collected within the study area of Etna volcano. These data have been integrated in the DSS and represent now the base data for a new operating tool focused on "viticultural issues";

Action 2.2

Collecting non-existing primary data (new data to be collected)

This action is designed to produce data that are not yet available but essential to realize a proper S-DSS. These data includes: i) hydro-pedological properties of the major soil types within the Telesina Valley; ii) very high resolution DEM; iii) remotely sensed vegetation indexes (very high resolution).

In 2010, 15 soil profiles were described, sampled and characterized for hydrological and chemical properties; Currently the database were added with 10 more soil profiles and their descriptions. The hydrological and chemical analysis are still in progress and soon will be concluded. These analysis will integrate the pre-existing soil database with the aim to improve the thematic maps already  stored in the database (namely SID: spatial inventory database) and the modelling applications already operating in the DSS also.

During the summer 2013 several field surveys  were done in the forest environments distributed at the high altitudes. The main aim was to detect the state of development and health of forests, as well as the type of management applied and the potential biomass production. These data have been successively used for the development of a new tool on forestry management.  The surveys consisted on photo reporting, descriptions and specific measurements of several vegetative indexes.

Other data of new acquisition consists on data about the demographic development at the municipalities scale in the Valle Telesina (source ISTAT – Italian Institute of Statistic). These data are now part of a new tool dealing with soil sealing issue  developed in the last weeks and already operating in the DSS.

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Coordinating Beneficiary

- Dipartimento di Scienze del Suolo, della Pianta e dell’Ambiente, University of Naples Federico II

Project Partners

- CNR Istituto per i Sistemi Agricoli e Forestali del Mediterraneo, Italy
- Regione Campania−SeSIRCA, Italy
- ARIESPACE srl, Italy